About Colasco Ltd.

Asphalt paving contractor history and experience.

1984–1991 Company name : TCBS Ltd
Operated by Mr Joseph Gillet and Mr Carlton Williams

1985: Government road from South Dock Port to Napa and access road in Five Cays settlement.
Work Description: Sand Seal 2 coats. (imported sand)

1988: Government road from Texaco gas station at Grace Bay to former Ramada now Seven Star.
Work Description : Sand Seal 2 coats. (imported sand)

1991–2007 Company name: Pelican Construction Ltd. Operated by Mr. Joseph Gillet, Mr. Samuel Harvey and Mr. Yannick Boudol (from 2002)

1991: Private Provo Golf Course car path.
Work Description : Cold Mix Asphalt. Several private parking areas in Cold Mix Asphalt.

1999: Providenciales Airport Parking area.
Work Description: Cold Mix Asphalt.

2003: Government roads in Conch Bar Settlement, Middle Caicos.
Work Description: Sand seal 2 coats. (sea sand)

2004: Private Housing Development in Sandy Point, North Caicos
Work Description : 2 coats of chip seal. (3/8)

2006: Government road from Whitby to North Caicos Airport, North Caicos.
Work Description: 2 coats of chipseal. ( 5/8 + 3/8 )
North Caicos Airport Phase 1 of Runway.
Sand seal 2 coats (screened sea sand)

2007: Government road, Blue Hills settlement, Glass Shack road, Cheshire Hall road, between Shell and Napa down to canal Bosco Development.
Work Description : 2 coats of chip seal . ( 5/8 + 3/8 )

2007–2012 Company name: Cold Asphalt and Construction Ltd, dba COLASCO LTD. Operated by Mr. Joseph Gillet and Mr. Yannick Boudol.

2008: North Caicos Airport Phase 2 & 3 of Runway.
Work Description: 2 coats of sand seal. (screened sea sand)

2010: Private road Long Bay road from Leeward highway to Long bay Marina (shipyard)

2011: Private complex South Caicos (sand seal)
Cherokee road (Cold Mix)
Down town behind Butterfield square (Cold Mix)

2011/2012: Government road leading to Pinton Housing and inside complex (Cold Mix)

2012: Savannah road access (Hot Mix)

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South Dock Asphalt Plant Colasco Ltd South Dock Rd Plant Offices
Mission Statement
Colasco Ltd. is a local company with 25 years of experience in Turks and Caicos.

We take pride in our work and with our best attitude we are all committed to our clients and the needs of the community.
In 1984 the founder Mr. Joseph Gillet was prospecting the Turks and Caicos to sell aggregates from Haiti to the TCI.

He established the first block factory in Providenciales called TCBS in partnership with Mr. Carlton Williams and soon added a paving sector.

In 1991 because construction was the main activity in Providenciales Mr. Gillet created Pelican Construction in partnership with Mr. Samuel Harvey adding road works and construction to our services.

We changed our name to Colasco Ltd. in 2007 and began focusing on Cold Asphalt paving for parking spaces and access roads or private communities such Long bay.

Mr. Yannick Boudol joined Colasco Ltd in 2002 and has been instrumental in widening the area of service for the company. Although Providenciales is our primary focus we now service North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos etc.

To satisfy the demands of these rapidly growing islands recently a state of the art Hot Mix Asphalt Plant has been installed at our main facility on south dock road.

In the near future Colasco Ltd. will be adding more services and products such as concrete prefabs; mainly for drainage, curbs, fencing walls, dividers etc...